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Domingo AfternoonSpecially selected properties from across the nation. All registered bidders qualify for built-in financing with no credit check. Offer and win today at the best prices in the land that we have in stock. To sign up for online bidding or bid on line information, click here if you want to see and not to bid, click below: OnlyKnowing see when and where they are occurring these auctions is crucial to getting bargains in everything you always wanted to buy!. No other site presents as comprehensively organized a database of these auctions agency next and continuous and usable as form, as here. In their union, will give you access to our database without precedents of the Federal, State and local government agency auctions in your state / territory and on the Internet, specially organized for ease of use, together with our database of foreclosures. The abundance of information available in our members database is derived from our extensive experience and with countless hours of research. And we put together so that you can collect the incredible bargains offered each day, week, month, and year at various Government and police auctions in almost every location in the u. S. and Canada, as well as online. Auctioneers may report new spaces of auto auctions and ads for us here Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Follow these simple instructions to start finding quality cheap cars. Use this drop-down menu to select the type of car that you want to find in a car auction. These include sports cars, saloon cars, compact cars, vans, trucks, vans & motorcycles. Select the country that lies in focusing on an auction of our powerful search car engine seized cars auction. Don't worry, also can find auto auctions in other places. (Example: United States, Canada, Australia, Europe) Those who reside in the United States can select which live in the State. We collect contact information to send you information about government auctions and provide warnings. In compliance with federal and state laws your information is kept private and never sold or rented to third parties. We value your privacy. New: Recently added to our members is 2015 auto auction Guide. The guide is designed to help government auctions 2013 explain the new auction attendees how to buy at auction. It is not necessary to start. However for the hungry to learn how to master the art of buying in the bargain basement prices a very illuminating guide. You must be a registered user to access the auction guide auto of 2015. Find bargains on more than 5. 000 + sources auction! Doesn't anyone close. Clear titles, without charges, previous financial obligations cleared on all vehicles. Experience or special license required,.