Ammo Independence

History of the. 45 long Colt AmmunitonThe. 45 long Colt may the most emblematic cartridge in the United States. It was originally developed in 1872 as a black powder cartridge. Is metallic cartridge company a cooperation between Union and firearms Colt. Shortly after its launch the Colt single action army, also known as the peacemaker revolver for calibrated. 45 long colt, was adopted by the army and. e. u. u. in 1873. This cartridge has served a weapon issued ammunition in the army. Currently out of military use the. 45 long Colt retains popularity among hunters and protect. It is used in the most big game hunting rifle in North America as the white - tailed deer and black bears. There are also various lever arms that is for calibrated. 45 long Colt for the Hunter, who prefer a to use the weapon for hunting. Filming continues to use the. 45 long colt, is especially the popular their sports to comply with cowboy action shooters who have to fight for the historical aspect. I. the ballistic Manco Department is not Colt 45 long. Ball round nose standard weight ranging from 200 to 300 grain there is a good selection of hunting or sporting purpose. The range of speed of 750 feet per second to more than 1300 feet per second muzzle, representing more than 1100 foot books full of energy! As a result she will be. 45 long colt on equal footing with the. 44 Magnum. The actual shot adrenaline for that. Cartridge. 45 long Colt in recent years since the introduction of the revolver Taurus judge series. The novelty independence ammo 45 of a. 410 shotgun was lost quickly in the new defensive loads for rifle caliber. But curiously the manufacturer of ammunition in the versatility of the judge collected and began to provide ammunition for personal defense. 45 long Colt. Extends not only the use of the weapon, but he has entirely. 45 long Colt as a very legitimate self-defense cartridge etc,.